Thursday, 28 January 2021 00:31

Special Gifts from the Special Artisans

In this current difficult situation where the Covid-19 pandemic has hit, and many people are in trouble because of it, all levels of society must help each other and work together to get through this situation.
Thanks to Sukkha Citta, who work with Indonesian people, especially women from villages to make handicrafts. The material used are safe for use by the community.
Educating women who have lost to make "Hope Masks" and donating to more than 4,000 pcs to the front guard and also to communities in Flores, Kalimantan and Sumatra who are in desperate need. Not only that, Sukkha Citta also planted more than 3,000 mangrove trees that can absorb tons of CO2 and protect the ecosystem in North Sumatra, and this is just the beginning, it will increase again as time goes by.
Therefore, Mapei Indonesia takes part in efforts to help people's economy. The mask produced by Sukkha Citta for Mapei, is made in 3 layers, with a dense cotton filter in the middle and a soft cotton cloth, which makes the wearer feel safe because no harmful chemicals are used during the process.
It is with hope that every mask that Sukkha Citta made for Mapei, will help Indonesian artisans and seamstresses can get through all today's difficult circumstances.

Together we can.




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