Monday, 10 June 2024 10:53

The City Government of Bima Receives Appreciation from the Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia Regarding the Development of Corn Commodities

Badan Pangan Nasional (BAPANAS) RI, represented by the Director of Supply and Food Price Stability, Maino Dwi Hartono, S.TP, M.P, expressed appreciation and support for the innovative steps taken by the Acting Mayor of Bima, Ir. H. Mohammad Rum, MT, in developing a Road Map for maize commodity in Bima City. This initiative includes facilitating the formation of the Corn Farmers and Distributors Association (AP3J) in the region. Maino stated, "It's excellent that the Bima City Government, under the leadership of Acting Mayor Mohammad Rum, has facilitated and overseen the establishment of such an association. This facilitates coordination and communication between producers (farmers) and consumers (livestock breeders) regarding maize governance. We are ready to assist, including coordinating with ministries and agencies."

This response follows the actions of Acting Mayor Mohammad Rum, who conducted a Coordination Meeting (Rakor) with relevant stakeholders. In the meeting, Rum outlined the road map for maize development from upstream to downstream to boost the economic growth of Bima City. The meeting also facilitated the formation of AP3J at the Bima City Mayor's Office. Rum expressed hope that with strengthened handling from upstream to downstream, maize could become a leading commodity, accelerating the economic growth of Bima City. The formation of the association is seen as an innovative step in addressing maize commodity issues in the future, ensuring that challenges faced by farmers, distributors, entrepreneurs, and consumers can be addressed early to avoid disruptions in the Bima City community. This initiative is expected to increase maize production and have a positive impact on Bima City's economy, with support from various parties, including BAPANAS RI, to facilitate the implementation of the road map and benefit farmers and consumers in the region.




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