Monday, 10 June 2024 10:52

Budi Karya Encourages Regions to Continue Developing Public Mass Transportation

Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi assured the public of the smooth operation of Transjakarta and encouraged the use of urban mass transportation. Accompanied by the new Director General of Land Transportation, Risyapudin, Budi aimed to ensure that urban mass transportation in Jakarta operates efficiently. He highlighted Jakarta as a model for other regions in developing urban mass transportation systems. The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta provides subsidies for public transportation, including Transjakarta, making the fares more affordable for the public. Budi emphasized the benefits of these subsidies, noting that the Transjakarta fare is IDR 3,500, and before 7:00 AM, it is only IDR 2,000. He urged the public to utilize mass transportation to ease traffic congestion.

Budi also encouraged other regional governments to offer similar urban mass transportation services to reduce the use of private vehicles, thereby decreasing traffic jams. The Ministry of Transportation, through the Directorate General of Land Transportation, continues to provide urban mass transportation services based on road infrastructure under the Buy The Service scheme, branded as Teman Bus in 2024. The government has allocated a subsidy of IDR 444.70 billion for the Buy The Service scheme, aiming to support the development and sustainability of urban mass transportation systems across the country.




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