Thursday, 18 April 2024 07:10

South Kalimantan Province Plans Comprehensive Upstream to Downstream Agricultural Industry

The local government of Tapin Regency in South Kalimantan Province plans to develop a comprehensive agricultural industry from upstream to downstream to foster sustainable grassroots economy. Tapin Regency Secretary, Sufiansyah, highlighted this as a strategic initiative aiming for long-term agricultural development. The region's future agricultural commodities include various sectors such as horticulture, fisheries, and animal husbandry. Sufiansyah emphasized the fertile natural potential and abundant dormant land in Tapin, indicating favorable conditions for agricultural expansion. He stressed the importance of establishing research and educational centers to enhance agricultural production further.

This endeavor aligns with efforts to cultivate a skilled workforce in the agricultural sector, encouraging youth engagement in agriculture. Additionally, Tapin's agricultural development strategy responds to the anticipated decline in the coal industry, which currently dominates the local economy. Sufiansyah acknowledged the diminishing coal reserves and the international trend of restricting coal exports, foreseeing a significant impact on Tapin's economy in the future. The shift towards agricultural development aims to diversify and strengthen the local economy in anticipation of the coal industry's decline.




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