Thursday, 18 April 2024 07:06

With Abundance of Flagship Commodities, NTB Seeks Its Own Export Port

The Indonesian province of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) boasts several flagship commodities ready for direct export to destination countries. However, the lack of specific export ports hinders direct exports from NTB. NTB's Quarantine Head, Agus Mugiyanto, highlighted that while some commodities like mangosteen are exported directly via airports, most are routed through Jakarta, Surabaya, or other regions. These commodities include marine products like pearls, tuna, seaweed, lobster, abalone, and agricultural products like coffee, vanilla, tobacco, mangosteen, and crafts.

Agus emphasized NTB's suitability for a dedicated export port, given its vast potential in non-mining export commodities and strategic location for Eastern Indonesia. He stressed the need for improved export infrastructure to facilitate direct exports, advocating for at least one export ship departing from NTB monthly. Efforts to facilitate direct exports are ongoing, including assisting businesses in obtaining export certificates and targeting zero Non-Compliance Notifications (NNC) abroad. Agus also encouraged businesses to handle their export requirements independently, minimizing reliance on intermediaries and ensuring transparency in export processes. This proactive approach aims to streamline export procedures and reduce costs, fostering a conducive environment for NTB's export-driven economic growth.




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