Tuesday, 02 April 2024 08:17

Coal Becomes Aceh's Main Export, Followed by Coffee Exports to America, Valued at IDR 480 Billion

The export of coal remains the primary focus of Aceh's exports to India, totaling USD 30.4 million or approximately IDR 480 billion in February 2024. This information was disclosed by Ahmadriswan Nasution, the Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Aceh, during a press release. Following coal, coffee exports to the United States amounted to USD 10.4 million or around IDR 164 billion, ranking as the second-largest export from Aceh. Additionally, condensate from the oil and gas sector was exported to Thailand, totaling USD 8.7 million or roughly IDR 137 billion. The majority of exports to India were coal, with only a portion passing through Aceh's ports, amounting to USD 37 million or approximately IDR 584 billion. The rest were exported through other ports outside Aceh. On the other hand, Aceh's imports in February 2024 amounted to USD 34 million, showing a significant increase of 358.52% compared to January 2024. Imports mainly originated from Saudi Arabia, consisting of butane and propane gas, followed by Thailand, with imports including rice and asphalt. Despite the increase in imports, Aceh's foreign trade balance recorded a surplus of USD 23 million or about IDR 363 billion in February 2024. Moreover, BPS Aceh released inflation data for March 2024, indicating a 0.48% month-to-month inflation rate. Significant contributors to inflation included red chili, chicken eggs, chicken meat, shallots, potatoes, jewelry gold, machine-rolled kretek cigarettes, squid, fresh shrimp, and bird's eye chili. Conversely, commodities contributing to deflation included tomatoes, mackerel, water spinach, rice, tuna, mackerel tuna, women's Muslim clothing, cassava leaves, cement, and men's cotton shirts.

Source: https://aceh.tribunnews.com/2024/04/01/batu-bara-jadi-andalan-ekspor-aceh-disusul-ekspor-kopi-ke-amerika-nilainya-capai-rp-480-miliar



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