Monday, 12 February 2024 11:10

Expand Export Opportunities: 10 Local Handicraft SMEs Showcase in Germany

The Ministry of Industry is actively supporting the development of the halal industry in Indonesia to enhance competitiveness and tap into global markets. With Muslims in Indonesia spending USD 184 billion in 2020, projected to increase by 14.96% to USD 281.6 billion by 2025, the country holds the title of the world's largest halal market, accounting for 11.34% of global halal expenditure. During the Acceleration Meeting for Halal Certification Facilitation in Bali, Putu Juli Ardika, the Acting Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry, emphasized the importance of empowering the industry through halal certification for various products, including food and beverages. The Ministry aims to prepare industries for mandatory halal certification, supporting Sharia-compliant economic growth. The Ministry's Halal Industry Empowerment Center has facilitated halal certification for 3,095 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) over the past three years. In 2024, they plan to assist 1,250 more SMEs, providing certification applications and halal supervisor training. This initiative aims to ensure that halal certification becomes an ongoing process, not just a one-time achievement.

Investment in halal industries is crucial for Indonesia's economic growth. The recent State of the Global Islamic Report ranked Indonesia third in halal economic development, highlighting its potential in the global market. In another effort to boost economic opportunities, the Ministry facilitated ten SMEs to participate in the Ambiente Exhibition in Germany. This prestigious exhibition, attended by 3,681 participants from 168 countries, provides a platform for SMEs to showcase their products and expand their export markets. The SMEs received support for exhibition costs and promotion packages, contributing to Indonesia's presence in the global home decor and handicraft sectors. Indonesia's handicraft industry has significant export potential, with total exports reaching USD 603.956 million in 2023. The country's exports to Europe, particularly Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, indicate promising growth in commodities such as traveling bags, basketware, tableware, and kitchenware. With Indonesia holding a 1.25% share of the global handicraft market, there is room for expansion. The abundance of natural resources and skilled artisans positions Indonesia as a key player in the global handicraft industry, presenting opportunities for economic growth and international trade.




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