Thursday, 16 March 2023 07:51

Indonesia's Agricultural Exports Continue to Increase During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Indonesia's agricultural exports continue to show improvement despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The value of agricultural exports in 2022 will reach IDR 658.18 trillion.
Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo said, during the Covid-19 period, Indonesia's agricultural sector was seen supporting the country's economy. This is evidenced by data on agricultural exports which have continued to increase since 2019. "Agriculture exports in 2009 from around Rp. 390.16 trillion, then reached Rp. 658.18 trillion in 2022," he said at the 2023 Agrinnovation Conference at Menara Mandiri, Wednesday (15/3). According to Syahrul, the increase occurred because there were many challenges that made agriculture more open to trying to export.
Based on the presentation, it appears that data on the development of agricultural exports in 2020 increased by 15.79% to IDR 451.77 trillion. Then it rose again by 36.43% in 2021 to reach IDR 616.35 trillion. Until finally it increased by 6.79% to IDR 658.18 trillion in 2022.
Seeing developments that continue to increase, Syahrul encourages agricultural sector business actors to continue increasing exports.

"This year Rp. 1,000 trillion must be reached, come on. For example, coffee and chocolate are requested everywhere. There is no big cafe in the world without coffee and chocolate from Indonesia," he said.
Syahrul assesses that the national market is already good, but the current momentum is that Indonesian agricultural products are being sought after in the international market.




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