Monday, 29 June 2020 05:26


Paolo Merloni, Executive Chairman of Ariston Thermo Group, was awarded the title of ‘Cavaliere del Lavoro’. The honor, conferred on the basis of "merit of work" and established in 1901 by Vittorio Emanuele III, was bestowed by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, on the occasion of the Republic Day on the 2nd of June.

This is an award given to Italian entrepreneurs and professionals who have excelled in one of these 5 specific sectors – agriculture, industry, commerce, crafts, credit and insurance – and who have fulfilled other requirements in their careers such as having had impeccable civil and social conduct, as well as having operated for over 20 years with autonomous responsibility, fulfilling also tax obligations for workers.

"This appointment for me is an honor that I live as a recognition of the work of the many people in our company and the extraordinary commitment of my father Francesco and my grandfather Aristide. Both before me started and gave impetus to this entrepreneurial activity, which has grown over the decades and has generated important results for the communities in which we operate in Italy and around the world. I am pleased to remember that this award comes precisely on the 90th anniversary of Ariston Thermo" said Paolo Merloni.
The appointment follows that of Francesco Merloni, Honorary President of Ariston Thermo Group, formerly honorary president of the National Federation of the ‘Cavalieri del Lavoro’ and appointed as such in 1995.




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