Monday, 30 May 2022 09:07

The Contribution of Agencies at Generali Indonesia is Still Continuing to Grow

In the midst of the development of digitalization in the life insurance industry today, the role of insurance agents is believed to be needed. In fact, Generali Indonesia CEO Edy Tuhirman said his contribution would continue to grow. Indeed, if you look at AAJI's data, the number of licensed agents in 2021 will drop to 574,003 agents. whereas in the previous year, the number was higher, reaching around 607,380 agents. According to AAJI data, the agency continues to decline in terms of contribution. In 2019, it recorded a premium contribution of Rp. 79.5 trillion, which decreased to Rp. 65.1 trillion in 2020, and to Rp. 58.8 trillion at the end of 2021.

"In the future, the agent's contribution will even increase." Now the contribution is above 50 percent, said Edy when we met in the Depok area on Saturday (28/5).

According to him, the presence of this agent is still needed given the low penetration of insurance in Indonesia. Therefore, Edy said this insurance product requires a high level of touch where it is necessary to meet when making an offer.

"Currently, the number of our agents is around 11,000 people," added Edy.

Although the need for agents is still great, Edy does not deny that the need for digitization is growing over time. So, agents in offering insurance products also use applications. He gave the example of customer policies, which are usually complained about because they are difficult to store considering the thick contents. Currently, policyholders can save their policies in applications where the possibility of loss is small.

"So, if one day you need it, you can directly download it in the application," added Edy.




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