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MIPAAF, Italy and Indonesia sign the Memorandum on Agricultural Cooperation – Ruminantia – Web Magazine of the world of Ruminants

Bellanova: “A positive relationship with great potential is strengthened”
Indonesia and Italy now closer in agriculture, rural development, agri-food.
It is thereobjective of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Minister Teresa Bellanova and Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo, in the Agriculture Exhibition of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies.

Thirteen areas of intervention and one goal: “to promote and encourage economic, scientific and technical cooperation between the two countries”, already strong in an exchange that has made Italy one of Indonesias most solid partners in recent years, “in agricultural sector, involving the respective research institutes and other organizations “.

“With today’s subscription, “Said Minister Teresa Bellanova,”we intensify an already positive relationship with great potential with Indonesia also as a leading component ofAsean, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. I am sure that in this way we will be able to enhance and support a concrete strengthening in the exchange of knowledge and collaboration between our research institutes, as well as in accessing genetic resources in agriculture. Wait, how conservation and sustainable use plant genetic resources, which we consider to be of great importance and relevance“.
During the meeting Bellanova and Yasin Limpo had an exchange of views on the agricultural systems of their respective countries.

“Italian agriculture “, stressed the Minister Bellanova, “is increasingly characterized by thehigh production quality. Environmental, social and economic sustainability are our keywords, together with traceability and food safety. Our consumers, like those in Europe, are very attentive and sensitive to transparency, the certified correctness of the indications of origin and the sustainability of the supply chains. Our target it is evident: working for an increasingly sustainable agriculture, capable of giving certain answers to the climate crisis. Farmers must be considered a strategic part of the solution because they can help prevent and compensate for its effects.

For this reason they must be supported and encouraged, starting from the protection of their income. And for this we must focus simultaneously on research, innovation and technologies. The challenge we face is strong, but the quality of our companies and our research systems leads us to be optimistic. In this context, collaboration and exchange between countries, and in the specific case between Italy and Indonesia, is fundamental, also for the fruitful circulation of knowledge and good practices. I hope that exchanges of agricultural technology and machinery will also benefit from the implementation of the Memorandum“.

Among the areas of intervention of the Memorandum: livestock production and animal technology in particular in the buffalo sector; research aimed at greater economic and environmental sustainability in rice cultivation; mechanization in agriculture; water resource management; soil protection; processing, transformation, packaging and storage, marketing of agricultural products; food safety; scientific and research activities; capacity building and planning in the sector of agricultural cooperatives, agricultural financial institutions, rural development; promotion and protection of geographical indications.




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