Monday, 15 April 2024 14:17

Vinitaly Inauguration: Wine Represents Culture and Economy

The 56th Vinitaly International Wine and Spirits Exhibition commenced in Verona with an opening address by Lorenzo Fontana, President of the Chamber of Deputies, urging for global cooperation towards peace amidst turbulent times. With over 4,000 wineries from Italy and 30 countries, Vinitaly remains a premier platform for showcasing Italian oenological diversity internationally. Expectations for this edition are high, with over 30,000 foreign operators from 140 countries anticipated to attend, reflecting the event's global significance. Federico Bricolo, President of Veronafiere, emphasized Vinitaly's role in positioning Italian wine in key markets, facilitating business negotiations with 1,200 top buyers from 65 countries, marking a 20% increase from the previous year. Running concurrently with Vinitaly are Sol, the International Olive Oil Trade Show, Enolitech, focusing on wine, olive oil, and beer production technologies, and Xcellent Beers, highlighting craft brewery productions.

Distinguished guests included local officials and ministers such as Antonio Tajani, Francesco Lollobrigida, Luca Zaia, Adolfo Urso, Gennaro Sangiuliano, and Matteo Zoppas, affirming governmental support for the wine industry and cultural heritage. Awards presented during the event recognized excellence in the wine sector, while ministers advocated for the industry's interests, emphasizing quality, cultural significance, and international competitiveness. Tajani reassured entrepreneurs of government support against trade barriers, while Lollobrigida highlighted the economic value of Italian wine exports. Zaia underscored Veneto's role as a leading wine producer and tourist destination. Urso hailed Vinitaly as a precursor to Italy's industrial showcase, promoting geographical indications for industrial products. Sangiuliano celebrated Italy's rich cultural heritage intertwined with winemaking. Vinitaly's inauguration also marked the commencement of related events such as Sol and Enolitech, amplifying the exhibition's significance in the wine and beverage industry. The event exemplifies Italy's commitment to promoting its rich oenological heritage globally, fostering international cooperation and economic growth in the sector.




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