Monday, 15 April 2024 14:16

The Southwest Papua Provincial Government Aims for Sorong to Become Asia-Pacific Hub to Boost Export Performance

The Southwest Papua Provincial Government is aiming to position Sorong as the Asia-Pacific hub, aiming to bolster export performance and attract foreign tourists to the region. Acting Governor Muhammad Musa'ad envisions Sorong evolving beyond its current role as a hub for Papua alone, aspiring for it to become a prominent hub for the entire Indonesian archipelago within the Asia-Pacific region. According to Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 40 of 2024, domestic airports can cater to international flights under four categories: state visits, national events, economic development, or emergencies. Leveraging this regulation, the Southwest Papua Government sees an opportunity to transform Sorong into an Asia-Pacific hub through strengthening air transportation links between Sorong and international destinations.

Musa'ad emphasizes the need for concerted efforts among stakeholders to seize this opportunity, urging for closer coordination and synergy to ensure tangible progress. He acknowledges the abundant commodity potential in Southwest Papua, currently processed elsewhere and exported overseas. While Sorong's airport status doesn't necessarily require conversion to international to support international flights, Musa'ad highlights the importance of capitalizing on the new regulations to maximize opportunities. Enhanced air transportation connections to support the Asia-Pacific hub would inevitably spur economic growth in Southwest Papua, benefiting the region significantly. Thus, strategic measures are crucial to harnessing the economic potential and positioning Sorong as a pivotal player in the Asia-Pacific trade network.




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