Saturday, 29 September 2018 04:37

Indonesia to lower overseas online shopping limit to $75

The Finance Ministry’s Customs and Excise Office has issued a regulation to lower the import limit for online shopping to only US$75 from the initial $100.

“The new regulation will take effect on Oct. 10,” said its director general, Heru Pambudi, in Jakarta on Monday as reported by


He said the policy was stated in Finance Minister Regulation No 112/PMK.04/2018 on the amendment of Finance Minister Regulation No. 182/PMK.04/2016 on imported goods through delivery. Heru explained the regulation was issued to prevent the splitting of imported goods worth more than $100.

He said his office found that certain importers purchased goods online worth $20,000 by splitting them into 400 transactions worth $100 each. “Our aim is to prevent it from becoming a trend.” To make the new regulation enforceable, Heri said, his office had applied an anti-splitting smart system with certain algorithms to validate and verify parcels sent from abroad. He added that it would also integrate the application system to other applications related to manifest closures, appeal systems and to review the regulation’s enforcement.




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