Friday, 01 July 2022 04:40

Indonesian Fishery Products Accepted by 171 Countries: Official

Indonesian fishery products are accepted in 171 countries, according to head of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries' System Standardization and Assurance, Fish Quarantine Agency, Quality Control, and Security of Fishery Product Center (BKIPM). "The main export of Indonesia's fishery products are tuna, skipjack, shrimp, squid, lobster, and crab,” Teguh Samudro said in Temanggung District, Central Java, on Tuesday. Samudro earlier attended the 2022 Quarantine Quality Month event organized by the Yogyakarta Fish Quarantine and Fishery Product Quality Control Station (SKIPM) in Purbosari Village, Ngadirejo Sub-district, Temanggung.The main export destinations for Indonesian fishery products are the United States, China, Japan, and the European Union, he said.

The value of Indonesia's total fishery exports reached USD 5.5 billion in 2021, and it is expected to rise to USD 6.5 billion this year, he informed. "Besides the existing potential (in the fishery sector), existing programs are enhancing the production increase. We also need to ensure that finished products satisfy the quality standard required by our export destination countries," he added. The agency head said that the applicable standard changes constantly in response to global health issues. As the standard is also a trade issue, it is also relevant to environmental, human, and animal health, he added. "Our duty at BKIPM is to ensure that finished products have their health and security quality assured. (We ensure the standard) from the start of the production, from the ship used to capture fishes, and at the nursery for cultivation fishery," he stated. He then affirmed that the health and safety quality of fishery products for export purposes or domestic consumption would not be different.




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