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Made in Italy: Exports Account for One-Third of Our Wealth

Italy's export sector, driven by manufacturing, remains a formidable force in Europe, boasting a €626 billion contribution to the economy in 2023, nearly one-third of its GDP. Despite encountering challenges in 2023, such as disruptions in global trade routes due to international conflicts, Italy has experienced significant export growth over…

Strong Start for Italian Venture Capital in 2024: €443 Million Invested in 108 Rounds

The Venture Capital landscape in Italy exhibits promising signs and growth figures in the opening quarter of 2024. Investments surged to 443 million euros, up from 389 million in Q4 2023, accompanied by a rise in the number of investment rounds from 88 to 108, marking a new record in…

Startups in Campania Continue to Flourish, Maintaining Their Third Position in Italy With a Notable 5.2% Growth Over the Past Year

Southern Italy's landscape is witnessing the emergence of innovative startups making significant strides in the market, fueled by financing, technology, and new product developments. Notable examples include Sensowork, Neafit, and Atomike, each showcasing remarkable progress and poised for further development. In 2023, the Campania region maintains a strong position among…

Bank of Italy: Public Debt on the Rise, Reaching EUR 2,872 Billion in February

The public debt in Italy is on the rise, poised to surpass the psychological threshold of EUR 3 trillion next year, as outlined in the Economic and Financial Document (Def) approved by the government last week. According to the statistical publication "Public Finance: Needs and Debt" by the Bank of…
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