Wednesday, 06 March 2019 03:57

Commemorating 70 Years of Relations between Indonesia and Italy through Exhibition

The year 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations between the Republic of Italy and the Republic of Indonesia. Over those 70 years, Italy and Indonesia have developed a bilateral cooperation in a wide range of fields (e.g., economics, trade, investment, energy, agriculture, social development, tourism & culture, defense & security).
To celebrate the importance of the 70th anniversary (1949-2019), the Embassy of Italy has conceived a series of initiatives that will take place throughout the year, focusing on the various fields where the two Countries are collaborating.
The main event so far has been the showcase of an exhibition at the National Museum in Jakarta, named ‘Italy: the Beauty of Knowledge’. The exhibition, initially inaugurated in Rome in April 2018, has travelled to Egypt, India, Singapore and has now reached Jakarta, where it has been open to the public until 31 March 2019 in the magnificent setting of the National Museum.

The exhibition has highlighted Italy's scientific competence and advanced technology in the fields of Health, Environment, Space, Food and Nutrition and Cultural Heritage. In an interactive 400 sq. space combining virtual and physical components to convey the dynamic and beautiful nature of the quest for knowledge and research in Italy, visitors have been exposed to the Italian research and innovation capabilities, uniquely blended into the Italian DNA of artistic tradition, lifestyle and art of well-being.

We wish to share to our IBAI Community some pictures of said installation, certain that our members will appreciate how this type of initiative plays an important role in spreading the polyvalent image of Italy, made of its well-known values of culture, art and lifestyle and combined with modern competences in scientific research and technological know-how.
This is the image of Italy we are proud to promote in Indonesia, also for the benefit of our IBAI Business Community.




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