Friday, 06 October 2017 06:04

IBAI Business Meeting with Mr. David E Sumual - Chief Economist of PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk

06 Oct 2017 |

The briefing titled “ Indonesia: A Promising and Resilient One Trillun Dollar Economy” by Mr. David E Sumual took place on Friday, 6th of October 2017 at Le Meridien Hotel at 8 a.m.

IBAI Chairman, Mr. Marco Noto La Diega underlined the importance and the goal for IBAI to organise this event, which is to promote a relevant dialogue with an Indonesian expert like Mr. David E Sumual and facilitate the exchanges with the Italian operators.

The items of the agenda are as follows:
  • Vittorio Sandalli, Ambassador of Italy to Indonesia, gave the opening remarks.
  • David E Sumual Presentation
  1. Indonesia and ASEAN: Opportunities for Indonesia in the era of AEC
  2. Global economic issues: Anticipating further FED rate hikes
  3. Indonesia’s recent economic development
  4. Investment outlook

Mr. David E Sumual gave an outlook on the Economic relations between Indonesia
and Italy, that, according to him, could be deepened based on complementary advantages. Italy is the destination of around ~10% of Indonesia’s exports to the EU.

  • Open Discussion

All th epartecipants showed their interest in this topic through their questions.

IBAI thank the guest speaker, Mr. David E Sumual for the clear, relevant and interesting presentation.

IBAI thank for the participation: Mr. Edmund Tondobala, Head of International Banking Division at PT Bank Central Asia Tbk.


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