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Implementation of Personal Data Protection in a Company

August 26, 2019 The representatives from IBAI was attending the training event hosted by K&K Advocates and Pandya Astagina Institute with the topic "Implementation of Personal Data Protection in a Company”. The material was directly presented by Dr. Sinta Dewi S.H. LL.M (Indonesian leading academic on privacy from Padjadjaran University and Head of Cyber Law Center of Padjadjaran University)
BIG DATA ERA is a large number of different types of data that are produced at high speed from various sources and requires new and more powerful processors and algorithms to be processed more powerfully and quickly
In the era of Big Data, protection of personal data in a company is very important because the personal data is a fundamental and universal rights for everyone. We have to protect the data so it would not be the misused. To avoid misuse of personal data, the Indonesian government is currently drafting a law on personal data protection.

For the reference, these following lists is a list of countries that already have the regulations:
•    EU 28,
•    NON-EU 26
•    ASIA 13
•    AFRICA 21
•    CARIBIA 10
•     PASIFIC 0

These big data practices and technologies can offer huge benefits for economic growth and various sectors including energy transportation and health. Because the data provides the need for the government so they can make the right decision and evidence base.
And because this data is a lot in the era of big data, it causes controversy about the extent to which data privacy protection is needed.
Therefore, the government will enact a specific personal data protection law, and has the principle that states that personal data must be and can be accessed on a limited basis. The mechanism for protecting personal data is every government and every company must have a personal data officer that can maintain the security of that data.

and the regulatory model is divided into 2 namely; government and sectoral, but so far it has not been decided yet.



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