Monday, 17 December 2018 11:04

Indonesian Fashion at the World Fashion Vortex

Held on board the Boreas boat along the Seine River, the fashion show managed to grab the attention of the public there with the full capacity of the seats provided. This is also one of the new perspectives on how to showcase the work of Indonesian designers to get world attention.

There are 16 Indonesian designers who participated in La Mode, by raising local content that is in line with global trends, ranging from conventional clothing to Muslim clothing.

There are Lisa Fitria, Deden Siswanto, Lenny Agustin, Sofie, Ali Charisma, Shanty Couture, Identix by Irma Susanti, Lia Mustafa, Lia Soraya, Rosie Rahmadi, Markamarie, Istituto Di Moda Burgo Indonesia, Zelmira by SMK NU Banat collaborating with Makeup Artist from the SMK PGRI 1 Kudus students majoring in Beauty Management, which is guided by Djarum Foundation and the Aceh Provincial Government through the Aceh Tourism Office featuring a collection of Reborn29 by Sukriyah Rusdy.

The fashion show series was opened by displaying Muslim fashion collections from two designers, Lisa Fitria and Lia Mustafa as markers for the launch of the International Muslim Fashion Festival by the Ministry of Industry (Kemenprind) of the Republic of Indonesia.

"Launching the International Muslim Fashion Festival as a form of the Ministry of Industry's seriousness to continue to promote the potential of the Indonesian Muslim fashion industry that has high competitiveness in the international market so that it has the opportunity to increase the contribution of the fashion sector to the national economy," explained Gati Wibawaningsih, Director General of Small and Medium Industries, Ministry of Industry.

From Istituto Di Burgo Indonesia, brought three brands from four Burgo graduate designers. There is Sokya which in Sanskrit means happiness. The collection reflects women who like trible and adventure. Through the theme Sense, Sokya seeks to arouse passion, elegant intimacy with white, off white and gray.

They use materials that are natural and comfortable to use during adventures, such as cotton and linen, but also use traditional Indonesian embroidery motifs.

Meanwhile Lia Hastuti has the theme Forrest Berries. Through deep purple, dark green and dark blue, Lia tried to make up her determination and confidence to be confident as a designer who debuted in Paris. Still the same, Lia also combines it with traditional batik fabrics with contrasting ingredients, namely the thickness of the velvet material and the thinness of the organdy.

The Ness, which creates lingerie, which is commonly known as sleepwear, can be a daily outfit that is matched and matched. Inspired by the charm of the sunset, Ness uses champagne, white, blue, silver, which are associated with the charm of a flexible and beautiful woman.

While Lisa Soraya, admitted, her experience in Paris was extraordinary. The collection that he displays is a collection inspired by aloe vera, given how many plants have benefits. "In addition, aloe vera can grow on dry land, as does Indonesia which has dry soil," he said.

He carries natural colors like chocolate which are collaborated with batik cloth to create fashion. Applied with applique, Lisa wants to tell a lot about aloe vera.

While the works from the NU Banat Kudus Vocational School, featuring a collection with the theme of Troso Nimbrung, chose the hope that the typical Central Java would not become extinct by bringing traditional fabrics in modern fashion pieces.

"La Mode Sur La Seine a Paris aimed at promoting a number of works by Indonesian designers at the global level, especially the European market, has been successfully held, even exceeding our expectations," said Ali Charisma, IFC National Chairman.

He also said that he wanted to give a message to the buyers that the collection brought to Paris represented only a small part of the diversity of the work of Indonesian designers to come to Indonesia and see for themselves other Indonesian designer products.




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