Thursday, 29 February 2024 09:19

Agro-Industry Becomes the Focus of North Kalimantan

Governor H Zainal A Paliwang of North Kalimantan underscores the significance of downstream efforts, particularly in the agro-industry, as a focal point of development plans. The region is poised to host Asia's largest green industrial zone, the Indonesian Green Industrial Zone (KIHI) in Tanah Kuning – Mangkupadi. During the National Coordination Meeting for Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Activities on Monday evening, Governor Paliwang highlighted the opportunity for North Kalimantan to oversee this development. The meeting aims to enhance the performance of the industrial sector, particularly focusing on small, medium, and diverse industries (IKMA).

Governor Paliwang emphasized aligning fiscal year 2024 State Budget activities with pre-established programs and the importance of a strong, interconnected industrial structure to drive effective business chains and enhance industrial competitiveness. He hopes IKMA will grow effectively, contributing to job creation and leveraging local natural resources to alleviate poverty in Indonesia and North Kalimantan. Director General Reni Yanita of the Ministry of Industry disclosed agendas during the coordination meeting, including data collection on IKM for central government funding allocation in North Kalimantan. The meeting also aims to foster new entrepreneurship and optimize activities for IKM center development, synergizing with the central government's job creation efforts.




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