Wednesday, 22 June 2022 10:56

Banana Kepok Grecek Kutim Penetrates Export Market, Transactions IDR 37.4 Billion

The farmers of the Kaubun sub-district have succeeded in making the greek kepok banana into an export commodity with a turnover of billions of rupiah. The hard work of the farmers assisted by the Taruna Bina Mandiri Cooperative (TBM) certainly cannot be underestimated. Recently, good news was received from the cooperative, after participating in the Indonesia Tourism and Trade Investment Expo (ITTIE) exhibition at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, Batam City, last Thursday-Sunday (16-19/6). Chairman of the TBM Cooperative, Priyanto said, thanks to the support of the East Kalimantan Food Crops and Horticulture Service (DPTPH), his party managed to display the exhibition product, the banana kepok greek which won a transaction of IDR 37.4 billion. "Alhamdulillah, we can promote and market agricultural products from East Timor. In fact, recorded maximum results. Obtained a two-year trade cooperation contract with Benelux Flowers and Food Pte,” he said. This moment certainly adds a new market. By not reducing the quota of kepok bananas circulating in Sangatta, Samarinda, and Balikpapan.

The supply of kepok bananas will be taken from the sub-districts of Kaliorang, Sangkulirang, Kaubun, and Karangan. "When the market demand is clear, the next thing to prepare is the availability of raw material stocks," he said. Previously, from January to September last year, the cooperative had exported 865 tons of kepok bananas and generated a turnover of up to IDR  12,512 billion. Most shipments were in August and September, reaching 160 tonnes to Canada. The value is IDR 3.840 billion. All of them, he said, were banana plantations covering an area of 1,700 hectares which were managed by partner farmer groups from the cooperative. In fact, every month, it has distributed 96.1 tons to five countries. These include Canada, Malaysia, Pakistan, Greece, and Taiwan. "We are optimistic that the results can be further improved. Of course with government support," he concluded.




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